PHOTO ALBUM 4. Extras.

These photos have been added March 2011 as scanning and preparation of photos have improved so much since my original scans. These pictures all originate from a Brownie Box camera! There is also a bit more interest for the Land Rover Owner!

All of these photos are with thanks to Toby Savage who spent many hours scanning and updating the following pictures
Checking the tyre pressure.

Leaving Bath and taking the caravan to Southampton

Chilling out in France.

A few loose nuts and bolts!

Sand mats for the Sahara.

Sharing a bowl of water for the daily wash!

Ferry coming into land.

On board.

Trying to remove the dust from the camera! Note we have removed the extra weight of the sand mats now we are out of the desert but you can clearly see the spare springs.

Waiting for clearance in the one way mountain roads.

Annie get your gun!  Dulcie just having a bit of target practise.

Yet another trip across a different river.

Oops, good job we had a winch.

Many families brought us daily gifts.

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