Most of these photos are with thanks to Toby Savage who spent many hours scanning and updating the following pictures in 2011
I have worked on a few of the more personnel ones.
Collecting Water at Fort Miribel with the trucks in front Feb 8 1953.

Sahara after the Plateau Feb 1953
Water pump trouble Feb 9 1953

Sand mats in use Feb 10 1953

Picking up fuel at Agades Feb 12 1953

Diane, Dulcie and David at the pool, Kano 
Feb 15 1953

Ferry to Fort Lamy Feb 21 1953

Dulcie washing the 'smalls' Feb 23 1953

Bridge collapse   Feb 25 1953

Kotto River Rapids Feb 25 1953

Ferry at Bangassou Feb 26 1953

 Dulcie, David, Diane and Don at Gomo March 5 1953

Volcano Nyragongo at Lake Kivu March 5 1953

Otto Beit Bridge, crossing into Southern Rhodesia March 14 1953

Feb 15 1953, at Salisbury 7736 miles and 7½ weeks later.

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